Hot Bugz and the Bed Bug Extermination Guarantee

Hot Bugz is dedicated to delivering highly efficient bed bug extermination solutions. We’ve designed our guarantee to ensure it works in your favor.

The Guarantee

Hot Bugz will guarantee to eradicate all live bed bugs and their eggs within a 6-month period for single family homes or when terms have be negotiated to fit the situation. Apartments will be covered by our 3-month unlimited guarantee, unless terms have been negotiated to fit the situation.

Customers can expect comprehensive eradication of all bed bugs in a timely manor.

Additional treatment if necessary

In the unlikely event that all bed bugs or their eggs have not been completely eradicated within the initial 6-month period, Hot Bugz. stands by its commitment. They will promptly return to the treated space and perform an additional treatment to ensure the problem is resolved.

Restarting the 6-month check

Following the supplementary treatment, it’s important to note that the 6-month guarantee period is reset from the re-heat date. This ensures that customers continue to benefit from Hot Bugz commitment to a bed bug-free environment.

Limitations of the Guarantee

  • The possibility of bed bugs being reintroduced.
    While Hot Bugz can confidently guarantee the eradication of existing bed bugs and their eggs, they acknowledge a limitation beyond their control. It cannot be guaranteed that bed bugs will not be reintroduced into the treated space after the extermination process.
  • Hot Bugz responsibility in such cases.
    In cases where bed bugs reappear due to external factors, such as visitors or new infestations, Hot Bugz clarifies that they are not responsible for the returning bed bugs. Their guarantee is specifically related to the effectiveness of their treatment and the 6-month coverage period.

Hot Bugz goes to great lengths to ensure the eradication of bed bugs and their eggs, offering a robust guarantee and additional treatments if necessary. However, customers should remain vigilant against the possibility of bed bugs being reintroduced from external sources, as this falls beyond the scope of the guarantee.