Our mission is to help people get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible.

When you hire Hot Bugz, we apply 15 years of knowledge towards finding out if you have bed bugs, how you might have gotten them, explain our prep list and process, all while empathizing that this has even happened.

Hot Bugz has been doing heat extermination as long as anybody in the country if not the world. Our extermination techniques have been developed through delivery of hundreds of heat treatments in Colorado and New York City. When we first started, the insurance industry didn’t even have a category for using heat. So, when you have been doing it for that long, you get pretty good at it.

If the best property managers, HOAs, assisted living facilities and homeless shelters can trust us, so should you. We operate with the highest integrity in the business because we care.

Hot Bugz specializes in bed bug heat extermination and nothing else. Our technicians are highly trained and very discrete. Put quite simply, we are experts! We take thoughtful care of your home and belongings. We promise to never do a job that will not succeed. When you call us, we provide useful advice, and an honest diagnosis. All of this is backed up with our 6-Month Unlimited Guarantee.

Sean Smith

Owner and Founder

He has over 35 yrs in the service industry working for UPS, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and three other small companies that he started. He has volunteered as a board member for the YMCA of Boulder County and the Planning Commission for the town of Nederland.

Sean discovered heat extermination as a possibility to kill bed bugs in 2008 while doing heat based drying in the flood industry.

His knowledge of bed bugs and how to exterminate them using heat is second to none. Sean has consulted with and constructed training programs for the Denver Rescue Mission, Rocky Mountain Human Services and Volunteers of America.

The integrity and commitment in which Sean runs his company makes having bed bugs less frightening from the first conversation.

Hot Bugz mission statement is based on helping people figure out how they got bed bugs and killing them with the Hot Bugz Heat Extermination process, as fast as possible.

Sean is an avid sports fan and enjoys skiing, golfing and spending time with his family.

Hot Bugz is here for you!